The One Direction Nosebleeds

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If you follow me on TwitterInstagram or Vine, you saw that I was with thousands of screaming girls last night to see those cute One Direction guys performing in Dallas' biggest arena! I'm not their biggest fan and I don't know a lot of their songs, but I totally had the best time! I know what you're thinking, "Good time, with THOSE seats?" Yes, you would be correct. Here's a few tips on making the most of your nosebleed seats:

1. The Front Row.

 Even the nosebleeds have a "front" and we were on it! I would have never spent enough money to be on the floor (I mean, I do have bills to pay), but we lucked out and got the front of the top. This means we didn't have to worry about anyone being taller than us (a constant problem with my 5'2" self), didn't have to get all sweaty from standing up the entire time (we sat the full concert) and we could see the whole shebang without worrying about being at a weird the floor. Plus, footrests!!!

2. Hydration.

 We were walking in from the parking lot with a water bottle in hand, sharing amongst our group (a little germy, but we didn't care). We threw away the bottle at the door, as you must do, and went straight in to buy another. With all the sweating, standing, loud noises and heat rising, water is always a good idea. Ours in the stadium cost $5, but was totally worth it. (Bonus tip: eat on the way to the concert and afterwards. Unless you like long lines and $10+ hot dogs, of course).

3. Ear Plugs.

Yes, this is exactly what a complete fuddy-duddy would say...however, I consider my 24-year-old ears not to be exactly "old" yet...and they were in pain. Like, not just ringing: actual pain! You will be listening to constant screaming for 2 hours and the speakers aren't loud enough to cover them up. When I plugged my ears with my fingers, I could hear the music! Get some cute neon ones* or go undercover with some nude ones*. I'm telling you guys, nothing will prepare you for those screams, but here's a little idea:

4. Binoculars/Telephoto Lens. 

I opted out of bringing any of my big camera equipment, since the stadium we were in does not allow bags. I had my iPhone and GoPro along for the ride, but I never got to really SEE any faces! The little girl beside me had binoculars and she was loving them! I could have gotten much better pictures with my "big camera," of course, but I probably would have been stuck behind my lens all night. I'd definitely go with binoculars next time (like these cute pink ones*).

5. Leave Promptly.

I am not into sitting in parking lot traffic. "Not into" as in "I hate it with my whole being," especially late at night when I would love to be in my bed. My sister browsed around the internet and found out that "Story of my Life" was exactly the third-to-last song. We were loving the concert, but we knew we'd be exiting our seats and making the 4-story trek out of the stadium right as that song ended. In doing so, we missed Little White Lies and Best Song Ever and probably a few fireworks, but we sang along in the parking lot as we continued our hike to the car. No traffic leaving the venue. Perfect. (Sorry to tell you, but, no, none of you are getting proposed to by any of the band, so don't think staying until the last note ups your chances. Just go home).

Us girls all had fun getting ready together, painting nails and wearing black, obviously. Even though our tickets weren't all near each other, we still had the full concert-experience together by hanging out all day, following one another to the stadium, parking beside each other, standing in tshirt lines and taking plenty of pictures. Definitely a fun day to remember!

Check it off the bucket list: I can now say I saw a boy band in concert

(totally missed out on NSYNC and such when I was younger!). 

What other tips do you have for a fun nosebleed experience?