Ice Bucket Challenge

We took the ice bucket challenge last week, thanks to the nomination from my friend Lupita. If you've been living under a rock, the ice bucket challenge is a viral sensation to raise awareness and research donations for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Before this summer, I've heard of Lou Gehrig's disease, but had no idea the absolute devastation that it causes. Like all devastating diseases, it so deserves its moment in the sun and all the resources in the world to find a cure. 

We don't have any buckets laying around our apartment, except these cute little ones from the Target Dollar Spot. So, don't hate on our buckets, y'all. It was still so cold. So, so, so cold. 

I've read a lot of negativity towards this campaign lately, on my Facebook timelines and in the blog world. I hear your reasons, but I don't understand them. I cannot be on your team if you've had something negative to say about this. I've tried to understand, but I cannot under any circumstances get why you'd be the least bit bitter about a horrifying disease becoming a household name and getting the money it desperately needs. So, create your own campaign, donate where you want, skip a shower to save water, but don't rain on this parade for all ALS victims (a little over 5,600 in U.S. are diagnosed each year, like this guy who will absolutely break your heart). 

If you haven't been nominated, still think about donating to the ALS Association and help create a world without ALS. If you're waiting on a nomination, here you are: I challenge anyone who reads this blog to get out there, pour ice water on themselves, donate to this cause and further spread the word about ALS...ready, set, GO!