Central Perk Room Inspiration

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Have you guys heard about the pop-up Central Perk coming to New York City in September? It's being created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends (raise your hand if you feel old) and it'll be up for just a month. Oh, what I would give to make a trip to NYC while that's going on. How fun! Did I mention they'll be serving FREE coffee? Because they totally are!

photo via ny daily news
Since I don't foresee that NYC trip happening for me, I've decided to channel my energy into an inspiration board. Someday, I hope to have a Central-Perk-themed basement, complete with a coffee bar. How in the world I'm going to get a basement in Texas, I don't know, but how cool would it be?! Here's a few things I'd have to have in that room (little bit of traditional Friends, a little bit of modern Savannah):


There it is, "The One With The Dream Room Inspiration"

What would you add to a Friends-themed room?