Color Blocked Blocks

Here's a fun little project I did recently to chic-up the porch/backyard area we have at our new apartment. Having spare paint around the house is a dangerous thing for me, I tell ya!

When we moved in the yard had 7 random cement blocks right off the porch. I kind of think the 6 are like the "step" onto the grass, but I'm not sure about number 7! I moved them around, but they've been there so long that there's nothing but mud, dirt and worms underneath them. I had to make them look a little more pretty, where they are. 

To dress up the cement blocks, I used acrylic paint, washi tape and a paintbrush. 

1. Stick tape down the middle of the cement square, diagonally. 2. Paint strokes away from the tape, never towards. 3. Paint the outline of the block before filling in the middle. 4. Take off the tape. 5. Let dry. 

The last step is roping your husband into helping you paint all the rest. I'm kidding! Coach totally volunteered to help me finish them, which was really sweet considering how hot it is outside!

Now we have some cutely color blocked cement blocks by our porch. 

By painting just one diagonal side, there's many patterns you can create. 

Change it up whenever you like!

What are you doing to make your backyard more beautiful?

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