Salty + Sweet Girls Night

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My sister and I love getting together for tv marathon and movie nights. Terribly enough, we've gotten into the habit, like so many do, of making girl's night an excuse for tons of fatty, sugary foods. I'm talking cupcakes, sodas, cookies, brownies, so on and so forth. Sound familiar? Yeah...we've all been there. 

Thanks to my friends at popchips, I've figured out a nice girl's night snack spread that won't break your scale...or your precious piggy bank. Whether you're a lover of salt or sugar, I've got something for you! 

The Salty

Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato chips are a staple in our home. My husband loves them! However, now we know we don't have to take in all those extra calories to get the taste we crave. Popchips aren't fried or baked. They simply start with good ingredients, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It’s a chip (with half the fat). 

To pair up with some other delicious saltiness, I added carrots, broccoli and a favorite hummus nearby. Although the chips are pretty good by themselves, the hummus definitely takes it up a notch!

The Sweet

I'll admit it: When I saw this one, I was mostly attracted to the bright pink color on the Katy Perry's Kettle Corn Popped Corn Chips bag. However, I've always loved the sweet kettle corn at county and state fairs, and this is definitely a close second when you're not near one of those. 

To punch up the sweetness, I added strawberries and blueberries to create a small, snacky dessert. Stack them, sandwich them, mix and match them. Anyway you do it, it's good stuff. 

My sister (who recently lost 15 pounds!) will be happy to know that our next girl's night will be full of the same deliciousness, but won't cost her a lot of calories. With popchips, all you need is love...without the "handles," of course!

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