A Literary Commute

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Balancing two part-time jobs means I'm in the car...a lot. Just a twenty-minute drive here and twenty-minute drive there turns into about 2.5 hours a day for me. TWO AND A HALF HOURS of every weekday is spent behind the wheel...unable to social the media, catch a movie or read the news (or my precious pop culture). The number of traffic-selfies on my phone are a true testament to the amount of time spent in the ol' navy Avenger.

After recently trying to help [K] finish her last few chapters in her summer reading (without making her car sick), I found the Audible app by Amazon: Audio versions of books for your phone. Added the app to my phone, applied for the free trial, plugged in my audio adapter and there we were, listening to Beezus and Ramona in the car. Once her book was complete, I was going to end my free trial...but then I got to thinking: What if I spent my car-time listening to books, instead of listening to the same awful songs over and over? I mean, if I hear "Fancy" one more time...

The fact of life is, this Savannah will never make time to read. I read instagram captions. I read tweets. I read interesting articles. I will never, however, set aside time to solely read a book. It's not me (worst librarian's daughter ever, right?) One of the 5 books I do remember reading in the last decade (I'm so serious, y'all) happens to be Lois Lowry's The Giver*. As confused as I was reading it in middle school, I knew I'd always wanted to refresh my memory of it (especially before the movie comes out Friday!)

The book is 5 hours long by Audible's reading time (although you can actually change it to be faster or slower). After starting on Monday, I'm already half-way through. I should finish it up during my Friday commute and feel good about going to see the movie this weekend. I actually can't way to see how they portray the utopian/dystopian community on film. Should be mesmerizing!

It's been nice to feel some sort of accomplishment, other than just getting from point A to B! Anyone else enjoy books on their commute?

PS: You can totally enjoy Audible's services for only $8 a month for the next three months (the usual price is $15. Score this deal while you can!