Hiding the Thermostat

In our new living room, there are more outlets/switches/etc than I know what to do with. The 3 light switches, thermostat, smoke detector and 6 electric outlets are all bright white (hooray! glad they match) and our walls are a darker tan(ish?). They're not overly annoying, but I stare at the "white polka dots" in the room way too much. I know most of these can't be covered up, but what if I could cover even one?

That's where this hollowed-out metal letter "P" from Hobby Lobby comes in. It was 50% off of $30 and it's a pretty large piece of decor, so I had to have it (every other week this sale happens, so don't buy it at full price!) The opening on the left side of the letter is just the perfect size to contain my thermostat. 

One tiny tack at the top later, my thermo-ugly wall now has a simple decoration. When the temperature drops/changes, it's simple to remove and replace the letter (that's why we didn't use the hanging holes provided on the back). 

I know not every letter will work, but if you luck out like me and have a thermostat size and initial that fits, it's a super simple way to spruce up the home! One step at a time, I'll get

this new place

together (hopefully before it's time to move out!)