A Simple White Elephant Gift

Coach and I are doing quite a few white elephant gift exchanges this year for different holiday celebrations. After buying a few presents, it gets a little more difficult to think of more options. I finally came up with something that everybody loves: a white elephant (with a gift card on the side). 

I started off with a little elephant from the toy section at Walmart. It's so detailed, I almost didn't want to paint over it! I also bought some acrylic white paint and a gift card in the amount of the exchange limit. 

I began painting over and over again. After two coats, I decided I probably should have went with spray paint instead! But, three coats in, it was finally covered pretty good. 

When she (elephants have to be girls, right?) was all dry, I finished her off by adding the gift card and a shiny bow (I used a tack, but hot glue would probably do the trick as well). 

Happy White Elephant!