Gift Card Lei

What do you get the friend that let you bum on her couch for a whole month in her Hawaiian home? Well, first of all you do the dishes when you can and vacuum while she's at work. Lastly, you leave a surprise lei full of gift cards for her to find once your plane has taken off and you're headed back to Dallas. 

Madison lived in an awesome location and was within walking distance of so many great places to eat and snack. Throughout the week I started buying gift cards, with different dollar amounts. I found a hot pink lei at Walgreens and also bought some clear tape. 

I attached each gift card between a group of flowers on the lei. Making them face the same angle creates a more uniform look. 

I found a hanger in the closet and taped the lei right on. I added a "Mahalo" card right in the middle and snuck the hanger in-between clothes in the closet. 

Luckily, she didn't find it while I was packing up! She texted me about it when I was boarding my flight. Surprise gift success :) 

Mahalo forever, Madison!