Happy Mother's Day

To say that my mother has always put others before herself is probably the biggest understatement ever written. Never in my life did I once doubt that this lady would be there for me, my friends, her friends, my dad, and pretty much anyone who crossed her path. She's one of the most kind people I know.

Mom, thank you for all the things you've done over the years: Encouraging my creativity, organizing schedules for photo shoots, my laundry, signing permission forms, the dishes, painting bedroom walls, buying new school clothes, making dinner, carpooling, comforting me when I'm sick, grocery money, sitting through tournaments and recitals, complimenting me, planning summer vacations, napkins notes in lunch boxes, going to the movies, investing in my college education, believing in my entrepreneurial adventures, being my secretary, giving me curfews, sponsoring and chaperoning, boosting my self-esteem, holding me when the tears wouldn't stop falling, discipling me, letting me go off to the big city and making sure I'm always okay. 

Most of all, thanks for giving me a picture of the "Mom" I want to be someday. I want to be just like you.  

My sister and I were given "the cool mom," even if we didn't always realize it when we were younger. Now, I think we're pretty thankful for the lady that gave us life. Moms don't get any better than ours :)