A Wicked Weekend

I got a text back in January from my Mom that read, "Just bought your birthday present. Mark your calendar for April 27th. We're going to see Wicked." How cool is my mother, you guys? My birthday isn't until May 31st, but Wicked is only here in Dallas for a limited time. If you're in the area, I'd try to grab a ticket for one of the last few showings (until May 5th). It's really amazing and so much more funny than we ever thought it would be. We actually had no idea what the story line was before coming. I've only ever been told that I'd love it and that is it great. Both are true statements. 

After seeing it for ourselves, we think it would be the perfect first-musical for anyone to see, especially my husband, who hasn't ever been to the theatre. Hopefully it'll come back around to Dallas in the next few years and I can take him...but, I wouldn't mind going to see it on Broadway in NYC either!

Mom, thank you for coming to stay the weekend with us. Wicked was so awesome! May be the best early-birthday present ever. I love you so much.