Greener, Cheaper Keurig Coffee

Probably my favorite wedding gift that Montrell + I received is our Keurig Coffeemaker (huge "thanks" to my cousin, Pam + her family!) It heats up so quickly, makes a perfect brew every time and let's face's just really cool. What I've learned in my first few months of owning this beauty is that k-cups run out quickly and aren't the cheapest to replace...Like, you might as well and go buy coffee at a cafe each morning. Not only that, but I was also throwing away tons of plastic. Now, I am by no means a fighter for our good Earth. I'm terrible at recycling + have plenty of room to improve. But, there comes a point when you're doing something over and over and it just really feels wrong. This is what happened with me and my k-cups. Luckily, I found a great solution: an Ekobrew Cup*. There are plenty of these recyclable cups, but that's just the one I have been using. I love it. 

I buy coffee by the bag, any brand, and scoop it right into my reusable cup. Be sure not to go anywhere near that fill line. I put a little too much one time and had liquids pouring everywhere from my machine! I pretty much thought I destroyed it. Luckily, I just cleaned it up and all was well. 

Be sure to double and triple-check to make sure that the reusable cup you purchase fits into your specific machine. 

For "inconveniencing" yourself by about 20 seconds more than you would normally use on a keurig, 
you're saving money (more than half the cost of a k-cup) + our planet. Definitely worth the buy

* Full disclosure: Savannah is a member of Amazon Associates. She was not compensated for this post, 
but if you purchase this product through her link, she will be gifted a small percentage of the purchase.