Jaci + Her Dorm Key

Today is such an exciting day in the life of my sister-in-heart, Jaci. This afternoon she'll be heading to pick up her dorm key and moving into her new home. I can't believe this day is finally here! Yesterday, all of us girls got to do some shopping with her, picking up those last-minute necessities for the big transition. We basically went down every aisle and bought everything in sight. You never know what you'll randomly need at college, right? 

Have I mentioned we've known our Jaci since the day she was born? My sister, Bethany, and her have been inseparable ever since. I should probably go find all the old pictures of those two to prove it...but, since this is such an exciting occasion, I may save the embarrassment for another day :)

Can't wait to get pictures of your dorm room and see you in that new, green volleyball uniform. Once you get all settled in, this old, married lady may have to have a dorm-sleepover. I promise to bring the sleeping bag and Oreos. We're all so proud of you, Jaci-loo! Gooooooooo Fillies!

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