Dorm Room Dreamin: TARGET

If some of you upcoming Freshman are still a little stumped on the direction you want your dorm rooms to take, hopefully all this week you'll find inspirations through my Dorm Room Dreamin' series. Each day, I'm taking a different store and picking out some of my favorite products and styles. You freshman have some awesome products to choose from this year!

If I had a dorm room, this is what I'd buy: (be sure you don't just "read" that phrase...go back and sing it, in the tune of "Boyfriend" by the Biebs, as it was definitely intended that way). Today, we're shopping at the red bullseye: Target.

1. Room Essentials Lamp | 2. Room Essentials Clock | 3. Room Essentials Table | 4. Room Essentials Bed in a Bag | 5. Office Star Chair | 6. Chevron Ottoman | 7. Aladdin Mason Jar | 8. Bella Dots Coffee Maker | 9. Room 365 Rug

All of the items above can be found either in Target stores or Be sure to click back each day this week to see all of my Dorm Room Dreamin' posts. If you see something you love, be sure to pin it and let me know your favorites!