Dorm Room Dreamin: IKEA

If you're looking for dorm room inspiration, my Dorm Room Dreamin' series should have something for you! Every day, I'm taking a new store and featuring some of the cool products and styles that can make your dorm room, "you."

If I had a dorm room, this is what I'd buy: (be sure you don't just "read" that phrase...go back and sing it, in the tune of "Boyfriend" by the Biebs, as it was intended that way). Today, we're shopping at my favorite blue warehouse: IKEA!

1. ÖDESTRÄD Duvet | 2. LYSING Picture | 3. FILLSTA Table lamp | 4. SELJE Nightstand | 5. GRÄDDIG Wall decoration | 6. TÅSTRUP Rug

All of the items above can be found either in IKEA stores or online at Be sure to click back each day this week to see all of my Dorm Room Dreamin' posts. If you see something you love, be sure to pin it and let me know your favorites!