Back to Texas

After nearly an entire month, it was finally time for me to head back to Texas. I told Madison before I left that I didn't really want to go, I just needed everyone I knew to come move to Hawaii. Too bad Texas isn't closer to the islands. I'd go every other week, for sure. I'm going to miss so many things!

Before I left, though, I had a bit of a fiasco at the Honolulu airport. As in, I'm a terrible adult and read the date on my ticket wrong! My flight wasn't for another 24 hours, but by the grace of God (and a credit card) I got a spot on the May 1st plane (after being on hold on the phone, standing in long lines, running through the airport, etc.) I think I got all mixed up with a 5-hour time difference and overnight flight.

Word to the wise: always get your friends to check your plane ticket date, just in case you've been reading it wrong for the past month! After all that, I got to my gate with enough time to snap this last picture of Hawaii: 

I got all settled in for my 8-hour flight, popping an Advil PM and snuggling with my blanket. Unfortunately, I never actually fell completely asleep. Long flights and I are not great friends. We do not get along at all. 

After 8 hours of cramped legs and sleepy eyes, we landed smoothly in DFW International Airport. I was home! My parents picked me up and we headed straight to Whataburger, the first place a southern girl wants to see when she arrives in Texas. I had a wonderful Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and some great coffee. We talked and looked at my pictures for a few hours before meeting my man for his lunch-break! Needless to say, I was super excited to see that guy. After a short hour with him, he headed back to work and my parents drove me to my apartment, where I was greeted in true roomie-fashion: 

Thanks a lot for reminding me of the "real world," roomies!