Hiking to Manoa Falls

Last weekend I joined a group of 2/3 wives on a hike to Manoa Falls. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. The trees were so massive, I wanted to try and climb them all :D When I say I caught myself pretending I was Katniss several times, it is quite the sad understatement.

About half an hour after we began, we made it to the falls. How cute is Sarah with her baby belly?

As we got to the falls, we were closely followed by two men. One of them was walking with a cane and was blind. It was really moving to watch a man with no sight, conquer the same hike that I just had difficulty with. He was such an inspirational reminder not to take what I have for granted, but also not to let anything stand in the way, regardless of obstacles. Love an unexpected motivation!

The top of the waterfall seemed to reach the Heavens, since it was up there with the clouds. 

And then I fell down the mountain.....Okay, not exactly. As we headed back down, I slipped on one of the steps and busted my rear. I just so happened to be leading the group of girls, so everyone got a nice view of the disaster. Embarrassing! It didn't hurt at all. Just a little dirt and a lot of laughter. 

Loved meeting new people and enjoying some beautiful nature with them. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning!

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