From Mainland to Island

Wooh! I've made it to Hawaii. Quite a few problems along the way, but I am finally here. My roomies/besties took me to the DFW airport. Even though one of them THOUGHT they weren't going to get out and give me a hug, they both did. Thanks for skipping a little class for me, you two! 

I was about two hours early and I went straight through security and got to my gate fairly quick. We boarded the plane around 12:30pm and we were backing out around 1:00pm, right on time. 

We watched our safety video, then our captain greeted us and told us some bad news. Apparently, one of our fuel pumps didn't turn on, so we'd have to go back in for a "quick fix." An hour later, they were getting mechanics. An hour after that, they decided the fuel pump was shot. And about 2 minutes after we thought we may not leave Dallas at all, they came on the intercom and said we can make it. I don't know about you, but a fuel pump seems kind of important! However, the attendants and pilots looked like they loved their own lives, so I figured if they were alright with it, I could be too. 

I know everyone enjoys their time in Hawaii, I always hear about that. No one told me how miserable an 8-hour flight truly is. I was not prepared! A nap here, a movie there, couple of chapters in your book later and you realize you're not even half-way! My butt was stiff, my back was aching and one of my legs was pretty numb most of the way. I was sitting in-between two people, so stretching a lot wasn't an option. Plus, the hunger in my tummy was unreal! I had some crackers and a granola bar, but through a misunderstanding, there was only food-for-purchase for half the amount of people on board. I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway... I don't believe in $10 half-sandwiches!

We were given declaration forms from the state of Hawaii, making sure we weren't bringing in any species of bugs, plants or fruit. Finally, we were close! Our landing was one of the smoothest I've ever experienced. Our captain was a great guy and he really did a perfect job at flying our plane.

The sun was almost down by the time I got to step outside, but I had enough time to get this picture with my cell phone right before it was totally dark. This, my friends, is exactly why no one complains about the long, miserable flight. You can't help but fall in love with Hawaii as soon as you see it.

Madison greeted me by the luggage claim with two beautiful leis. We haven't seen each other since her wedding back in mid-November.

We didn't go site-seeing just yet. It was way too dark. Thanks a lot, plane-delay! I will leave you guys with a little video clip of what I woke up to this morning, at 6am. (This whole 5-hour time difference is really tricking me. Guess I'll be a morning person here, even if my body thinks I'm "sleeping in.")

^ ^ ^ This is my backyard for a whole month. How cool is that? ^^^