One Day Without Shoes

April 10th was a special day for me for two reasons: barefoot feet and new music to listen to.

First, it was the annual One Day Without Shoes, where TOMS encourages people to go barefoot all day. This act is to get people talking about the One for One movement and encourages people to purchase TOMS shoes, so children in need, around the world will receive a pair. 

Last year, I participated for the first time on my school campus, walking to classes and to and from the bus. This time it was a little different. I walked around quite a lot on the streets (grass when there was any) and the sandy beaches all day. 

One of the most emotional parts of participating in One Day Without Shoes is at the end of the day. My feet ached as if they were cracking. They were covered in dirt, sand and filth. So, I took a shower. A shower of hot water, coming from my facet. Afterwards, I gave my feet some lotion to make them feel better. All the while, feeling a small sense of relief knowing I don't have to do it again tomorrow....but realizing that my once-a-year pain is a daily occurrence for so many. 

That's why we all should be so passionate about TOMS and their giving philosophy. For every pair you buy, someone (who may have never worn a pair of shoes before) get some of their own. Buy some, give some. It's a beautiful concept. 

The other reason that April 10th was such a great day was the release of Trip Lee's new album "The Good Life." I've been waiting on this album for quite a while, so it was great for it to finally be here. Download it on iTunes HERE and support music with a message...or rather, THE message. 

Did you participate in One Day Without Shoes? Let me know how it went for you!