Headed To The City

I know I've been taking a lot of pictures from the passenger seat of Madi's truck, but anytime we drive somewhere I just can't help myself. These mountains full of untouched earth are just too pretty not to document. On a recent trip to Honolulu from Kailua, it was a very gloom-and-doom Saturday. Even with all of the dreariness, I still think the landscapes look absolutely beautiful. 

By the time we hit the big city, the sunshine was out again! I like to think of Honolulu as Dallas on an island. Lots of cement, just as busy, just as city-like and only with a few palm trees here and there. 

Something you can trust in Hawaii, even on those gloomy days, is a wonderful rainbow somewhere within view. We finally saw the 'bow of the day on our way back to Kailua.