Visiting Hanauma Bay

I spent Sunday afternoon at Hanauma Bay, snorkeling with friends. From what I remember, I don't think I've ever snorkeled before. Definitely not where there were coral reefs! I had an underwater camera with me, so hopefully some of those pictures turned out good too. I'll get them developed once they're all used up. Enjoy the scenery for now, I know I sure did!

We had bagels and coffee at the Waimanalo Beach Cafe on our way to the bay. It was a really cute spot, especially for lovers of art. There were great pieces all over the walls both inside and out. It had such a friendly and small atmosphere.

I still can't get over these views. The next few pictures are just what we see when we're driving places. I can't imagine this being a daily drive! The greenest greens, the bluest blues and the most beautiful combinations that nature can have.