The Golden Ticket

I haven't mentioned it before on my blog, but a friend of mine (since first grade) lives in Hawaii. She married a marine, who I also went to high school with, in November and they quickly were shipped off to the best destination: Hawaii!

Given the fact that I'm a recent graduate and not tied down to any career (aside from my own small businesses),  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time there, a place most people don't even get a chance to see. Plus, she doesn't seem to mind that I come mooch off of her for a while, especially since I'll be her first visitor!

So, there it is. My confirmation email. I'll be spending just under a month in Kailua, Hawaii. Rest assured, there will be thousands of pictures taken, hopefully even some photo shoots while I'm there. I'm really excited for this opportunity to spend some time with my oldest best friend and get to experience a taste of Hawaii with her. 

Now, if I can only figure out how to pack up my boyfriend in my suitcase and take him with me...