Polynesian Cultural Center

If you're visiting Oahu, the Polynesian Cultural Center is one of those must-see attractions. It's an all-day event where you get to travel around to different Polynesian "islands," learning about their cultures and getting to experience activities from each one. Beautiful sites, great shows and wonderful food. 

Our package included an authentic Hawaiian luau and dinner. I tried a lot of new foods and liked a few. These purple rolls made with Taro were my favorite. It was just like eating a sweet Hawaiian roll, only even better. The pork was great and the pineapple couldn't have been fresher :) Yummy stuff. 

At night they have the huge production of Ha: Breath of Life. No photography is allowed during the show, but it's definitely worth seeing in person. Pictures couldn't do it justice anyway. Absolutely amazing production! 

I highly recommend getting the all-day experience here. Worth every penny. We loved it!