Celebrating 25!

Remember that time I turned 25 a couple weeks ago? Yeah, well I totally forgot to write any of it down besides on my instagrams (#Savis25). If it doesn't get written down, my memories aren't the greatest! To ensure this weekend still gets stuck in my online memory database (aka: the blog), here's how it all went:

We spent birthday weekend at my parent's house in East Texas. Like usual, my Dad had us roped into doing an outdoor cleanup activity. I'm not really sure how I've gone through life without swinging an axe (if you know my Dad at all, it sounds impossible), but I finally split my first piece of wood. In rubber Hawaiian sandals, no less. I wouldn't recommend it! Somewhere after that the boys (including my Dad) starting throwing around a dead snake thinking they were funny (yuck) and I was back in the indoors in a flash like the city girl I've grown to be. 

For dinner the night before my birthday, I chose one of my favorite meals. Street tacos and Doritos are really all you need sometimes! These things are so delicious. If you're ever near Big Sandy, Texas, be sure to stop by Taqueria El Unico. I've heard it's all great, but I KNOW the tacos are awesome!

Thanks to my sister, I opened up a selfie stick on the morning of my birthday! Ever since I used Lupita's, in New York, I've been wanting/needing one! It's pink, ultra portable and is about to make all future Go Pro videos and pictures EPIC. 

Keeping my recent birthday traditions, we went to Whataburger for birthday lunch. Even though it was past breakfast time and I couldn't get my beautiful honey butter chicken biscuit, I still had a wonderful Honey Mustard Whatachick'n Club. It's new to the menu and it's delicious! 

That afternoon after a bit of a road trip, we all got to see my cousin Brandon graduate high school! For the past two years, I've been at a cousin's graduation on my birthday. Time well spent! Not everybody gets to see extended family on their birthday. I just pretend the after-grad parties and cake are a little bit for me too! Congrats, Brandon!

At the very end of the day before heading back to Dallas, we did light up a cake for me! My favorite is chocolate chip cookie cake, so that's what we had, topped with "25."

Tacos, Whataburger and cake? Not bad for 25!