Win Fun Inflatables

During National Donut Day, I posted a photo of my favorite little inflatable and people seemed to love it. I mean, it IS a chocolate donut with pink icing and colorful sprinkles. What's not to love? It'd only be better if it were edible, ammIright? 

This inflatable is really tiny (although, I would love a human-sized one that I can float on!), so I'm not entirely sure of their purpose? Whatever they were made for, they'd look cute sitting around on a table or floating around in your pool or hot tub during a party. They're just cute, okay. Cute!

Spritz brand made this donut and a few other foodie-inflatables. Like a true hoarder, when I saw them at Target, I grabbed a ton. Now I realized that I don't need them all (*repelling hoarding-tendencies*). That's where you guys come in! I've decided to give this bundle of 4 (beach ball, hamburger/hot dog, sundae/donut, apple pie/fries) to one of my readers!

If you win, you have to promise to come up with a creative way to use them this Summer and tag me in a picture on some sort of social media as soon as you do. Pinky-promise?

Enter to win the giveaway, below. U.S. only. I'll pick a winner Saturday morning and ship them out that afternoon! 

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