GE Lighting Giveaway

You may remember last year when I gave our closet a makeover.

New hangers, new bins and (best of all) new lighting. My white clothes actually seemed white (instead of dingy yellow) and the other colors were as brilliant as ever. To celebrate the New Year, GE Lighting is offering a giveaway for a home lighting makeover experience! This is a great opportunity to switch out your old dingy lighting with beautiful lighting options from GE Lighting’s soft white, LED, or reveal® bulb line.

Choosing the right bulb for your home is easy if you remember these four steps: 

ONE: pick the right fit. 

TWO: choose the right brightness. 

THREE: select energy savings 

FOUR: pick the right color/effect.


For me, white lighting is so important to have in my home. It can totally change a mood! Now that we're in the thick of winter and I get home from work after it's already dark, I still want to feel like that beautiful natural light is in my home....even the darkest places, like my closets! My reveal® bulbs totally make that happen!

See how others use lighting in their own lives:

Thanks to GE, you get the chance to win one of three great GE Lighting Home Makeover packages by entering below on Rafflecopter. Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

[Giveaway has now expired]

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