Social Media to Me

I read a great article recently, written by a 19-year-old regarding what he sees as the teenage perspective of social media. It was really insightful and definitely hits the nail on the head from what I see from teens I know. I'm a total marketing nerd, though, so that's probably why I loved it so much! I decided to analyze my own thoughts on social media, as it applies to my 24-year-old life.

Facebook - Everyone is there.

I use it to document major life events. I no longer share my thoughts, dreams or opinions on my timeline because there's at least 10 people ready to suffocate, talk about something completely off-topic, or disagree wholeheartedly with whatever I said. It's not a fun place to be most of the time (prejudices, political garbage, etc). Honestly, I have it so I can know who's getting married and who's having a baby.

Twitter - Everyone is jumping aboard.

This is where I can talk about pop-culture and worldwide events, along with occasional personal things. There's no real pressure to follow everyone I'm "friends" with on Facebook, so I can have a feed full of things I actually want to see. Twitter gives us all the opportunity to talk with others about common topics (through hashtags) or even chat with celebs, companies and other people that are normally untouchable (which makes it my favorite).

Instagram - Many are jumping aboard.

I mostly use this like the average person does, posting pictures of everyday life and creating a photo-diary of sorts. I'm not a big fan of people posting screenshots and memes to their accounts, but I'll also post about 3-5 dslr (non-iPhone) pictures on mine every week to promote blog posts, so who am I to talk?

Snapchat - Currently under wraps.

I use this as a means to talk to my good friends and that's it. I don't need acquaintances and their moms to get this app because I'm not going to add them. I show my friends makeup-less selfies and silly pictures from my daily life. If we aren't that close, head on back to my instagram account and follow me there. Snapchat is the only private social media account I have.

Pinterest - Creatives are there.

This is where I can share my creative blog posts and get them seen by those that care. I love seeing pretty colors, applicable quotes and design inspiration on a daily basis...that's what Pinterest gives me! It's refreshing since a lot of other social media can be total downers. I also use it as a search engine anytime I need a recipe, decorating idea or sickness remedy.

Do you feel the same about these social media?