Wedding Hashtag

I knew from the beginning I wanted my guests to use online outlets to find out everything they needed for the wedding. With that, I created a couple's hashtag not too long after our engagement. Playing off our last name, we became #thepyronpair.

I used the hashtag whenever I made wedding/couple posts on Twitter or Instagram throughout our engagement. However, the fun really began on wedding day! To introduce them to the concept, our ceremony programs asked our guests to get involved, as soon as they arrived.

Later, when they sat down at their reception tables, their "bucket list" programs & favors all included the hashtag. I MADE SURE they all knew about the hashtag, y'all! They sure used it too! I was able to scroll through tons of fun images on Instagram that night. Guests took pictures of us, themselves, the food, decorations, dancing & everything else! The reception is when it really got active, which was just what I had hoped for!

I also got to browse through lots of tweets from the evening. I didn't have too many of my own from wedding-day (I had no idea where my phone was MOST of the time), but I was able to connect, while in Mexico and give our guests a short "hello!" 

Having a central hashtag helps you "interact" with your guests during the reception, even when you're preoccupied with all the other things that go on during the day. By seeing, commenting, liking and retweeting my guests posts after I got back from my honeymoon cruise, I was able to be a part of even the littlest moments that I may have otherwise missed.

The instant gratification of all the Instagram posts sure helped my patience while I waited on my wedding photos too. If you love the unplugged concept for your ceremony (a fantastic idea!), consider encouraging your guests to use a hashtag at the reception only.

Now we use our hashtag for anything we do together, as a couple. It may or may not even be on a few wall decorations in our home. That's us, now. We're #thepyronpair!