Back on Instagram

Back on Instagram? Okay, so I never actually stopped ‘gramming altogether…(maybe for about 5 days), but I’m finally back as @savannahsmiled and that brings a big smile to my face!

You may remember in April that I changed my instagram password to prevent the big Heartbleed hack. Then, I couldn’t log back in. Then, my password reset information wasn’t being emailed to me. Then, I met lots of people on Twitter with the same problem. Then, Yahoo told me to talk to Instagram. Then, I could never get ahold of Instagram. Then, I gave up and made a new account.

Every couple of weeks or so, I’d try logging in and resetting my password to my “real” account, which failed every time for 10 months. Since there’s no way to get ahold of Instagram, I almost sent snail-mail letters to several of their employees, but that seemed to cross some sort of psycho line. Y’all, I had 7 letters printed, addressed and stamped!

Late Tuesday night, right before I went to bed, I tried it again and immediately heard a “ding…” like, the you-just-got-an-email ding. I swiped on over and sure enough, there it was. The email I had been waiting for since April 2014.

So now I’m in a weird position of having two instagram accounts. I immediately switched their names, so that the most current one is @savannahsmiled. What should I do with the other? I can’t delete it…I got engaged, married, began nannying and started my adult life during that account.

For now, the bio on @savannahpyron has instructions to follow @savannahsmiled. Maybe I’ll just let everyone delete it and let it sit, as-is, like a ghost from the past. Regardless of having to have two, I’m just happy that I have my name back on my favorite social media. 10 months later, or not!

If you haven’t, be sure to add me on the NEW @savannahsmiled!

PS: Instagram – Please get some sort of customer service. 

Anything would be better than the current situation.