Sweet Silent Accommodations

Booking a hotel for our recent Miami vacation turned out to be a lot harder than the previous year. So many places did not have 4 nights in a row of availability! I assumed Valentine’s Day was to blame (and our procrastination), but it turns out there was also a huge international boat show going on too, so it was just overall bad timing!

Because of that, we ended up having a few hotels booked and one of them was the Best Western Plus at Kendall Airport. Most of the time when you drive up to a hotel near an airport, a little sigh of annoyance leaves your body because you just know you’ll be awoken at 5 am by a plane.

Despite the inevitable propeller sounds, I was so impressed with the interior design of the Best Western Plus that I kind of fell in love with the place. I could see my own design preferences in so much of it, that I was convinced I wouldn’t mind living there.

Checking in was super speedy (we booked through Priceline and had our confirmation numbers, license and credit card handy). Somehow, we managed to score the accessible room, which meant a large tub and bathroom area. Everything was immaculately clean and those beds looked cozy enough for an afternoon nap, which Montrell took immediately.

As he was snoozing, I noticed that our room faced the runway of Kendall Airport. I sat in the cutest blue chair and watched a couple of small planes takeoff and land. Then, I realized I couldn’t hear them! Whatever noise was going on outdoors was completely silenced by the windows and insulation. How perfect!

We were really close to plenty of major chain restaurants and stores and the ocean is only about 8 miles away. It's a great place to look at if staying on the beach isn't your highest priority. Plus, free breakfast, which is always #1 in our book. 

Thanks for the great stay, Best Western Plus!

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing the love.