Whataburger in the Park

I wanted to do something special for my husband for Valentine's Day & I came up with a surprise picnic. He has a 30-min. lunch break every day, which sounds like plenty of time...it's not! I picked him up, drove like mad to Whataburger, ordered, raced back to the park beside his school & we set up our lunch (complete with folding table & chairs). 

I used some of the swag that Whataburger gave us on our wedding day (fleece blanket "tablecloth," cooler & coasters). I also wore my awesome "Fancy Ketchup" shirt they gave me (Coach has one too, but he was in his teacher clothes). 

On the menu for dessert were the new MEGA stuf Oreos and rice crispy hearts that Aunt Laura made for us. 

Please note how festive my red and pink fingernails are.
How Valentinesy of me! Worked hard on that.

It was probably the fastest fast food meal we've ever eaten! We had to be packed up & back at the school at 1:00 (I had picked him up at 12:25). It was rushed, it was crazy, it was fun. We had a few moments to chat + laugh and enjoy the perfectly beautiful day. It reminded me a little of our proposal, eating at a table in the middle of a field. Memories :)

After Coach was home from work, I was in the kitchen making dinner and he came in, lays this giant handmade card on the counter and takes a few deep breathes. He had written me a poem about how he knew I was the one...then, he read it to me! I was crying my eyes out....just like I did during our entire wedding ceremony.  It was so beautiful + heartfelt. I came to give him a hug & I saw the note by the Sprinkles Cupcake attached to the card. He knew I'd be crying! I love that guy! Best Valentine's Day gift I've ever received. 


Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day with your families, friends or your love.