We Do Wednesday: Whataburger Story, In Film

Many of you guys have read our Whataburger wedding story, so did Whataburger themselves! For their big annual conference, they decided we should tell that story so they could share with all their employees. One Wednesday, a few months ago, we got that opportunity to tell our story. We had a fun time goofing off with all of our orange items at Off The Grid in Dallas (as you'll see below). Here's our video and a few favorite shots from our fun afternoon with Steve + Karina. 

Sometimes I looked like I was about to just cry my eyes out. It's mainly because I am completely terrified of being in videos: my voice, my face, my expressions, EVERYTHING. So, that's probably why I look like I may tear-up any second. I wasn't getting emotional about having our favorite food at our wedding...I was just a little scared out of my mind :)
If you haven't seen the updated wedding post yet, be sure to check it out. 
I added a few more photos and made them all much bigger to fit with my new one-column blog layout.