Wedding Colors

With Pinterest and forums and magazines, it was so hard to pick colors. There is just so many great combinations to choose from. Then when I finally picked "my colors"...they changed. A lot. I kind of shuddered when people asked what my colors were..."Well, how long do you have for me to explain?"

Here is the absolutely crazy, colorful process I went through in the short six months I was engaged:

What started out as simple Yellow and Gray (Round 1) became Yellow, Gray and Black (Round 2) after I was having trouble liking/finding dresses in yellow for my girls. Then with the black, I felt like it was going too much towards a beehive, so I had to make some other plans.

Once I decided Black wasn't for us, I still needed to come up with some kind of dark color for the bridesmaids dresses and to add some contrast. I ended up replacing black with navy (Round 3). Navy and yellow and gray was working for me.

Then there was the whole Whataburger addition. Since that actually ended up happening, I threw in some orange (Round 4) at the last minute...Very last minute! I'm pretty sure all of my friends thought I was insane!

Final colors: Navy, Orange, Gray, Yellow. Quite the combination, I know! I love how I ended up using very "Fall" colors, but the brighter shades of them...enough to seem whimsical and fun. Here's what it looked like in action.

If you would have told me in the beginning of my engagement that I would be using ALL of these colors, I probably would have laughed at you. I can't really find any weddings that have mixed these particular colors, but I really do love the way it turned out. As long as it seemed fun, that's all I needed. Plus, I always like being a little unique.