SAG Red Carpet

There were a lot of beautiful looks at the SAG red carpet. Everyone who wore navy looked absolutely amazing. The shape of Jennifer Lawrence's dress is a little questionable, but put my girl-crush in pretty much anything & it looks great. Amanda Seyfried's was probably my favorite shape and Nicole Kidman's was a nice mix of sassy & age-appropriate. 

My next favorite set of styles were the super brights. I think they feel much more relaxed at this laid-back-formal event, which is why we get to see so much color! Over and over during the interviews, many discussed how comfortable they were at these awards. Thank goodness. I loved seeing all the brights on the red carpet. 

This last little group of ladies didn't exactly fit into one of my categories, but that doesn't mean I didn't love them any less. I thought they all looks beautiful in their own unique ways. 

Men in black tuxes don't grab my attention..okay, that's a lie. Depending on who's in in the black suit, it can look stunning, but they are so average, it can be boring. Last night, I was attracted to this brown velvet number on Eddie Redmayne. It's much different than any of the men there. I also loved Neil Patrick Harris' thin tie & dark gray on black. 

The ones I didn't like so much all kept the same theme: black and white. I think black and white can be done correctly, but having such harsh contrasts is not pretty to me. Between looking like a nun, to drabby, to sloppy, I just didn't think these belonged on the carpet. 

Next up: Grammy's! Which are always the most interesting of the red carpet events. Can't wait for those!

All of these photos are from 

E! online

, taken by various Getty photographers.