Girl Meets World

Words cannot express how excited I am for the new series, Girl Meets World. I really try not to think about it too much, so my hopes won't be dashed....because, come on: Could anything ever beat the 7 amazing seasons we had with Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric aaaaand Mr. Feeny? Probably not.

However, because similar people are involved, it gives me hope that this little lost generation of children with terrible cartoons and vulgar movies will actually have a small piece of my childhood. The 1990's, when all things were better.

As of yesterday, Cory & Topanga's daughter Riley was brought to life...officially! Riley Matthews will be played by Rowan (one of my favorite names) Blanchard. The fan-girl inside of me really hopes they perm her hair so it'll be as curly as Cory & Topanga's once were. Other than her skin being tan enough to look like Shawn's child, I think she's a great pick. 

Image Credit: ACESHOWBIZ

If you all would like to feel super old today, I just had this realization: Cory and Topanga (you know, if they were real) would be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this year. That, my friends, makes me want to cry a little.

Now can we just curl up on our couches, weep and eat ice cream for the rest of the day? Yes, let's!