Wedding Day Venue

I had quite a few Dallas venues in mind when I got engaged. They were narrowed down fairly quickly when they all seemed to be booked for the next 2 years. I had a fiancé telling me we should get married in August (it was May) and I knew I didn't want it to be past Winter. After some calling and emailing, I found out that two of my favorite places had Sunday openings in November. So, on my 22nd birthday, we went to visit those venues. Lofty Spaces was one of those places.

I loved the size of Lofty Spaces, the industrial look, but what really sold me was the built-in photo booth. If you want to ensure a photographer-bride books your venue, build in a photo booth. It definitely had me instantly hooked! Another aspect I loved was the outdoor courtyard area, with a view of the Dallas skyline. I liked the idea of still having two separate places for the ceremony and reception...but, without any traveling. Lofty Spaces was just so perfect for us.

Every Wednesday night they have open house, where anyone can come look around, measure, plan and show to their family, friends and vendors. Some of my

bridesmaids and I went one day

, so we could measure a couple specific things. I loved visiting and imagining what the emptiness would look like with all my stuff!

Because Lofty Spaces is such a blank canvas, you can really make it your own. It was a lot of work, in a short amount of time, but my family & friends really pulled through for us on wedding day. It was crazy, but everything ended up great.

Lofty Spaces is completely affordable and their staff lets you have a lot of free-reign for making your wedding dreams become a reality. If you're a Dallas bride, I highly recommend paying them a visit one open house Wednesday. Also, did I mention the rooftop skyline view? That was absolutely beautiful the night of our big day.