What I Wore: Crazy Lady Sweater

I never make posts about what I wear. For some reason, I just don't think people like to admire the array of colored tshirts I pair with my various styles of black yoga pants on a daily basis. Probably not cut out for pictures. Anyway, last week I needed to make a Goodwill run for the upcoming Lumberjack and Jill shower I helped host. I chose to wear the most epic-bright sweater I own. I bought it at a garage sale about 6 months ago for $1 or two.
I had never worn it before because of the sheer craziness of it, but since I was shopping all on my lonesome, 
I figured I'd cinch it with a pink belt and go for it. It's loud and crazy and a bit Valentine's Day-y. Is it not the best?

By the way, goodbye January! It's time to get all lovey-dovey, red-and-pinky for Valentine's! I'll try to throw in plenty of DIY projects to get you ready for the big day. Plus, we have the Super Bowl, Grammy's, Mardi Gras & Oscars coming up this month. Tons of fun. 

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