Happie|Crappie Friday

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Didn't make it to the DMV yet again this week. I WILL go on Monday. I really do want to officially be "Mrs. Pyron!"

I have a major headache as I am typing this out. Yuck. 

I despise exercise of any kind. I wish I could learn to like any of it, but I won't. Never have. Never ever ever ever will. 

My car's gas light came on this morning and apparently, gas prices decided to skyrocket this week. Wonderful. 

The new Vine app seemed cool...until I realized the videos weren't soundless (I'm dumb, I know...I had my iphone on vibrate the first 2 days I used it). I so wish the sound could be overridden, spliced up audio is annoying. Also, I tried to add my blog link in the comments & in my profile...that was a no-go too. Maybe the first update will be better. 

I don't have the finances to attend Blissdom...which will be 20 minutes from my home! Lame-city!


We hosted a fantastic Lumberjack and Jill couple's shower for my friends. It was so much fun!

My sister let me borrow her Friends DVD collection. I may or may not have watched like 80 episodes already...By the way, my husband is loving it too...he just probably wouldn't admit it. He pretty much laughs at every single thing Chandler says. 

Fat Mum Slim's new list is starting up. It's like being on an international photo scavenger hunt every day. So much fun! So, get on instagram and get to taking some creative pictures. Today's word is "Fork."

My office redecoration project is coming along! I can't wait to be finished with it and have a big reveal. 

It's February! I love hearts and chocolates and love. I plan on having a 14 Days of Valentine's celebration for my husband ..kind of like Christmas countdowns (little candies, cards, notes, etc). Too bad I totally forgot before he left for work! Wifey-fail!

I have some great sponsors this month: 
My So-Called Chaos + Bourbon and Goose + Soul Feathers + Candy Lee Photography

I sent off Savanah's gift for the sweetheart blog swap. I'm so excited for her to see what she got!

Husband and I are having Whataburger for dinner. It was decided last night.

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