Wedding Favors

Finding a unique wedding favor for our guests seemed tough. It had to be pretty low-cost and it had to be "us." After a few hundred rounds of browsing Pinterest, I just wasn't finding what I wanted...that is, until I saw a kid's birthday sleepover favor: tiny cereal boxes with spoons. I set out to Sam's, purchased tiny cereal boxes in bulk, bought lots of silver ribbon, then designed and printed some stickers. This was it!

We decided they should say, "We're "cereal-sly" glad you're here. Thanks so much for coming!" Followed by our wedding hashtag. Totally corny, totally fun, totally whimsical.

I don't actually know how long it took me to make all 200 of these, but it definitely wasn't an easy feat. After making the first 50 or so, though, momentum picks up a bit. I think I just got really good at it!