Galveston | Mini Vacay

My sister, her boyfriend, my fiance and I all took a last-chance vacation to Galveston, Texas over the past week, once of the many reasons I haven't been blogging :D

It was a 5 hour drive from our hometown, so we loaded up our Mom's SUV and were ready to go (& yes, these 2 guys of ours are a match made in Heaven. They are extra-goofy as a team!)

If you've been to Galveston before you may be thinking "GROSS," because the beaches there haven't always been the cleanest...I'm talking...mountains and mountains of seaweed before you could see the ocean water! Well we must have caught the island at a great time. The beaches were the most beautiful I've ever seen them in all of my 7+ years of going there. Plus, we had an ocean view at our hotel, Gaido's, which was awesome. 

We decided to be Galveston super-tourists and rent one of these 4-person bikes. I feared for my life only about 3 times (the guys thought it'd be so fun to go as fast as the cars). It was actually hard-work at times, especially any form of going uphill! Made me sweat. 

We also forced our guys to have a photo shoot with us on the beach. They were not too excited about that one, but they eventually agreed to go ahead and get it over with. 

The last day, we decided to make the mistake of going to ride the ferry because we thought it'd be so cool and fun...Well, it added exactly 2 hours to our trip home because of missing the full ferries and waiting for more. I will say that I got to see some dolphins jumping around, so that means it was worth it, right? :D

Are you guys taking any last-minute vacations before the busyness of Fall is here?