Microwave Steam Clean

Being an unemployed graduate, I find plenty of time (between filling out applications, of course) to test those pins that I've always wanted to try out.

This one looked like an easy-enough fix for the one place we all hate to clean out---the microwave. It definitely helped me out:

It seemed that someone has popped some cheese dip in the microwave a day or two before, so this is what it looked like pre-cleaning:

To loosen the gunk, fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and put in a teaspoon or two of vanilla extract (the pinterest post called for vinegar instead of vanilla, but I'm not a fan of that smell). Microwave the mix for 5 minutes. 

I let the bowl continue steaming in the middle while I cleaned the door and walls with cleaning cloths. The gunk came off so much easier than normal. Take out the bowl when you're done with the walls (carefully...it is boiling water) and continue cleaning the back wall and glass bottom. 

A few dirty cloths later, our microwave is spotless for a little while, at least.