The Most Terrifying Chore

I procrastinate on this one until my husband is absolutely furious (okay...he's never really furious, but until he's truly disgusted). It only has to be done about once every few months, but building up the courage to do so takes every bit of that time. So, what is this maddening chore I'm speaking of?

Cleaning the hair from the shower drain. 

As you all know, I dye my hair myself and only wash it every few days (curly hair problems). That, along with frequent ponytails and everyday wear and tear causes some major hair loss every single day.

When we got married and moved in together, I don't think my husband quite understood the amount or frequency of hair loss. It's in our folded laundry, couches, car seats, floors, coffee table, pillows, etc. But, most of all, it fills that drain.

Last night, the water would not go down the drain, so I knew what I had to do: WOMAN UP.

I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers, headed back to the bathroom and began chanting in my head,
"It's just your own hair. Just your own hair. It's just your own hair. Just your own hair."

I began pulling and pulling, keeping up my chant helped a little, but after starting at that nasty blob sitting beside the drain, I couldn't handle it much longer.

I checked it and enough was gone to drain the water and that's all I needed. I threw away all the yucky hair, cleaned off those poor pliers and went to the living room to announce to my husband that the shower would now drain. I felt accomplished, but definitely went to my bedroom feeling defeated...I will have to do this again in a couple of months.

What's a chore that you absolutely hate?
Is there anything worse than cleaning out the drain?
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