Spring Cleaning | Makeup Bag

One of my new year's goals is cleaning up and getting rid of all this stuff around here (especially before we move this Summer). In perfect timing, my friend Megan at Two Live Colorfully has coined the term "mimalist-lite" and started an inspiring series about getting rid of stuff! Recently, she showed her makeup bag and I knew I just had to go clear out my own useless collection. I'm not by any means a "makeup girl," but I do fix my face up each and every day before work. I'm pretty simple: base, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, done. So, why do I have all of this stuff?! 

The makeup bag is one of those things you use every single day, but never really think to clean out (kind of like my closet). Why do I have 3 of the same lipstick shade, 2 empty mascaras, and 2 of the same eyelash curler? Nobody knows! That's why you have to lay it all out and see what you have. The useless and empty need to be tossed out. 

As I began, I knew I wanted to reduce my items from my huge zebra makeup carry-on-tote to my small heart-filled case. It took a bit of deciding, throwing out, and fighting my hoarding-temptations, but eventually: mission accomplished. Empty mascaras, unused lipsticks, old applying sponges, cheap eyeshadow and extra items I've never used made their exit. Bye, bye!

My simple, daily routine now fits into the smaller bag, minus my Naked 2 eye palette (which will just have to have its own little spot on our bathroom counter). Small bag. No more time digging around, looking for the container with mascara actually in it or the "right" eyelash curler. It has all I need!

It feels so nice to have cleaned that out. One more small step in the everlasting de-hoard, that is my life. 

Have you started your 2014 by cleaning out some of your smaller cluttered areas? 
I can't wait to tackle the next one!
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