Cookies in my Mailbox | Cookie Dough Oreos

After the beautiful blackout tweet of 2013, I've kind of been in love with Oreo's social media team. To further that connection, they sent out this teasing tweet a couple of weeks ago before the Grammy Awards. During the awards, they tweeted again with a special hashtag. Everyone that used the hashtag got one of their two new flavors to try: Cookie Dough* and Marshmallow Crispy*. We all typed in our mailing info when prompted and began the wait.

Right before this weekend began, I checked my mail to find a little, white box inside. Instead of getting a small sample package of a few new cookies, Oreo sent an entire pack! I was sent the Cookie Dough (which totally would have been the one I picked of the two new flavors!) Getting the entire pack was definitely an unexpected surprise, but high-five to Oreo! 

I threw away all dieting-thoughts and immediately tried these suckers out, after I poured myself a glass of milk, of course (these are milk's favorite cookie, after all). How was it? Love at first bite! You really get the taste of cookie dough, mixed with the creme flavor that we know and love from Oreo. 

I must say a bit of a disclaimer, though: I have always loved raw cookie dough, probably more than cookies themselves. Remember when clubs in school needed to raise money for something and sold those lovely buckets of cookie dough? Well, mine rarely get made into cookies. Salmonella warning or not. That's all I'm saying. 

Marketing ploy well done, Oreo. I'd buy these again very soon, if I wasn't trying to get fit...and no, I can't "just eat a few in moderation." Let's not kid around here: there is NO SUCH THING as moderation when it comes to Oreo! 

Have you tried either of the new flavors? What's your fav?!