Style Your Snot

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Let's face it. When it comes down to it, tissues are made for getting rid of the snot in your least, in my house, that's why we have them. We always keep a pack or two of these snot-cleaners somewhere around the home and office. And, as gross as I just made that all sound, that's just the truth of it, for me. It’s Wintertime here in Texas and colds come in and out of our noses on a weekly basis.

So, even though I have to keep these snot-cleaners out in public vision at all times, it doesn’t mean they have to look as gross as the word “snot” sounds, right? Kleenex has recently turned the big 9-0 and proving to be only more fashionable with age. Their new Kleenex Style Studio shows off all the fun ways they're continuing to be everybody's favorite tissue, with new beautiful boxes and packaging. Think I'm playing around? Look at just a few of the awesome patterns covering up our snot-cleaners:

For every color room, every patterned purse, you can find a coordinating package of Kleenex for you (Just LOOK at this Pinterest inspiration board). Since I've already got plenty of colors going on in my living room, I knew I needed a pack that wouldn't be too "loud" and blend right into my side table decor. I found the one for me at a local grocery store.

Not too bold. Not too bright. Just perfect for a side table in a living room with dark navy accents. Plus, the waves have a cool, fresh vibe, which is exactly how I want to feel anytime I have to blow my nose!

And, yes, I know that tissues can be used for many other amazing things than just good ol' snot-cleaning. Did you know that the whole reason Kleenex began was to help remove makeup? It started out for the stylish and it continues in that same fashion today! Speaking of fashion, Kleenex has a contest going on that ANY fashionista needs to be a part of - You can win an all expenses paid trip to NYC, personal meet-and-greet with a design superstar AND $5,000 for shopping! Take on the fashion challenge now!

I love that I don't have to hide my snot-cleaners and I know you will too! Find your Kleenex style by visiting the Kleenex Style Studio and browsing through all of the awesome new patterns and colors. Have something to say to Kleenex about their style? Take this quick poll so they can hear you out!