Jump-Start the Spring Cleaning

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Spring is just too far away for me, so I may have to call it "Winter Cleaning" this year. I think the new year is a great time to get started on the numerous organization and cleaning projects. Fresh year. Fresh start. I'm so terrible when it comes to really getting cleaning done because of my hoarding-ways...I give way too much value to material things and can't throw anything out. I actually should just hire my OCD sister (who loves organizing) to come get it all done fast. But, I figured if I list out the chaos, it will help me out.

O U R  H O M E | We're moving out of our current apartment in less than 6 months and that is terrifying. Living here for more than a year, we've built tons of IKEA furniture and acquired plenty of stuff. I figure it I take organization/purging on before the big move, it will be better.

Kitchen cabinets - Out with the old + useless, organize the rest.

Entertainment center bins - What is even in those things?

Living room desk - Papers, craft tools, printing supplies have run amok.

Porch + outdoor closet - The amount of junk fitting in that closet is mathematically impossible. At least 75% serves no purpose.

Bedroom dressers - Our tee-shirts have bred like bunnies again and they're overflowing the two dressers. Some just need to go....no matter the sentiments.

Under the bed - I have NO idea what is under there, but none of it has been touched since we moved in...obviously, not important.

The closet - Dun, dun, daaaaaaah. Where to even begin? Stop holding on to clothes I never wear, replace all bulky plastic hangers with Velvet Hangers*, store the I-hope-I-can-fit-in-this-someday-goal-clothes in a bin until I can actually fit in them, dispose of anything with mad holes, donate, donate, donate.

M Y  P H O N E | I fill up my storage all too often. I have a habit of editing pictures (5+ times) and saving them all as large as they get. I see that little storage pop-up at the most annoying of times too...Like, when I really really really need to use my phone.

Photos - Super-importants need to be saved on my external hard drive, if not, "delete."

Videos - Ditto.

Music - Add more playlists, less full albums.

Apps - Delete the unused + organize the new additions into folders. I have SO many apps.

M Y  M A C B O O K | The term "utter chaos" doesn't even begin the describe the current state of my Macbook and all it's files. Disorganized photos, files with insignificant names, dumped memory card files, etc. It actually just needs a complete overhaul and cleanse. The screen and keys could use a good cleaning too. Poor Macbook.

Are you feeling motivated to clean up and out? 
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