Auld Lang Syne | Free Wallpapers

One of the many things on my Pinterest "wish list" board is a tablet + pen set for designing and editing. When my husband and I had our own little-late-Christmas gift exchange this weekend, my wish came true! Montrell got me a Wacom Intuos* and I'm in love. It's just the push I need to teach myself illustrator and inDesign, which I have prolonged over the years. I learned bits + pieces in school, but there are so many other things I've always wanted to do. 

In the two days that I've had my new tablet, I've learned how to make items + text look glittery...and that's pretty much it. But, in the grand scheme of things, glitter had to be first on the priority list, right? I've been playing around and made a few iPhone 5 wallpapers for my lockscreen. If you'd like one for yourself as you get ready to celebrate 2014, feel free to download and use them up! Find them all HERE


Stay safe as you're off having fun and singing "Auld Lang Syne" tonight (totally makes me want to watch the first Sex and the City* movie because NYE is one of my favorite parts. Such a sweet display of friendship). 

Anyway, we have no plans for the big holiday so far, so it may be a quiet evening in...but, I don't think I'll be able to convince the hubs to watch Sex and the City with me, so that's a bit of a bummer. Maybe we can go look at Christmas lights, since we somehow missed that adventure during the holiday season. Or, maybe I'll just make more iPhone wallpapers on my Wacom :D

Happy 2014 to you!


PS: If you have any references to blogs or Youtubers that teach illustrator and inDesign tutorials, I'd love to hear about them! I'm seriously a little lost puppy with this stuff right now. Any little help, helps!