Christmas Moments

It's the day after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. How I woke up before my entire family this morning, I have no idea...but, I'm relaxing on the couch in my favorite Hawaiian Goodwill find (a Mele Kalikimaka tshirt) and my most comfortable yoga pants, wondering why Christmas already has to be gone. It's comes all too quickly and leaves even faster.

The husband and I mapped out our Holiday plans earlier this month and the first stop of Christmas week was in East Texas at my aunt and uncle's house. We spent the evening eating tons of food, playing Ellen's "Heads Up" and opening up our fourteen stockings, our new gift-giving tradition with my Dad's family.

For the next two days, we spent it back in DFW with my husband's family. Even with a recent foundation-repair, my mother-in-law still went all-out with her Christmas decorations. One day when I have a house to store it all in, I plan on doing just the same (much to Coach's dismay). The surroundings just make you really feel like it's Christmastime. 

After opening gifts on Christmas morning and spending a great breakfast together, Coach and I packed up and headed back to East Texas to see my family...blasting Christmas tunes all two hours, of course. 

Like anytime we get together at my parent's house, the $5 garage-sale Guesstures game made an appearance. I think we're getting better at it, as a group, but sometimes you just get some crazy words to act out and it doesn't go in your favor. We exchanged a few gifts that night as well, along with eating a snack or two and recovering from our fullness from dinner. 

We had a great week, being with our families in person and the constant back-and-forth snapchats let me "spend time" with friends too. It seems like Christmas 2013 flew by and I'm not really ready to let the Holidays go. Luckily, I have a few more celebrations to go in the coming week (Yes! An excuse to keep up my tree and trimmings for a while!)