Mean Green Glitter Shoes

My college graduation is fast-approaching. Ever since I went to Freshman Orientation and for the last three years, I've learned to bleed Mean Green and I want to show off that same attitude at the commencement ceremony. Browsing around online, I (somewhat) found the shoes I'd love to wear:

They are beautiful, but there are a couple of problems with this pair. 1. I probably wouldn't be able to walk in them...No, I KNOW I wouldn't be able to walk in them. 2. Unfortunately, they are a tiny bit above my shoe budget. Okay, a lot. I'm in college debt, y'all!

I mentioned on Twitter how sad I was about not being able to buy them and a friend suggested I look around on Pinterest to find some DIY tutorials. I'm so glad she did! I did some searching and found a easy tutorial from a Katie's Bliss blog entry. I looked through my closet and found some white heels that I wore once to a wedding...a year and a half ago! Obviously they were the perfect pair to remake. I had some kelly green fabric paint in my craft box, so I went ahead and gave them a starter coat. 

I then made a Modge-Podge/glitter mixture. One of my roommates got me a set of glitter in different colors for my birthday in May. I hadn't ever used the green, so my shoe decoration cost me a total of $0.00. 

I had to paint around 6 coats on each shoe to get them totally covered in glitter. I'm sure with different combinations of glitter and Modge Podge, it could be done in a lot less. 

As it was drying I was a little nervous because the Modge Podge looked really white, but I knew they should dry clear. My roommates probably thought I was crazy, making these ugly glue-gunked shoes. 

I made them pretty late, so when I was done with all the coats I placed them on my balcony overnight to dry. I was so proud to wake up to these this morning! 

They are my perfect little UNT dorothy shoes. I can't wait to wear them on graduation day. One of my professors even said she gives me a 10 out of 10 on the shoe-rating scale :)

Wooh! December 17th is just around the corner :)

My awesome roomie took a few portraits for me in my shoes and gown today :) Thank you!