Thanksgiving | Boyd Family

If you've been sticking around here for the past few years, you'll remember that my Dad's family Thanksgiving tradition is to go out and take family portraits together (2011 | 2012). This year, it was so much colder than we ever remember it being, but everyone braved it out and we got plenty of great shots (I'll be sharing many more each and every day this week). 

Our first stop during operation photo-shoot was the brand new turf field at my parents and uncles' alma mater, San Augustine High School. Any excuse for a traditional family Heisman pose, right?

Then we were on to different spots around town to get all the rest...before we were all absolutely frozen and starving. After all, it's kind of hard to concentrate on smiling and whatnot when we knew our Thanksgiving meal was waiting for us back at Gran's! 

After plenty of photos for every family, it was finally time to eat lunch. The "kids" (we're almost all over the age of 18 weird!) all got to eat in the living room, which is a big deal, y'all. After someone spilled something when we were kids, our Poppy Jim made a rule that no one ate in the den. We could sit on the steps to the den, but never on the couches. Maybe since we're so much older now, he'd approve of our change. Especially since there's no way we could have fit in the kitchen! 

Then, the inevitable Thanksgiving nap occurred for a few of the guys.

Even though my husband and I were in the car this Thanksgiving-weekend for about 8 hours (me, for 13!) we had a great time spending it with all of our families and friends. Check back this week for plenty of images from our Boyd family photo shoot. There's just so many, I have to break them up a bit.